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PO Box 4272, Basalt, CO 81621 

Tel: 970-279-3292

Co-parent Coaching Services

Co-Parent Coaching sessions are available for parents who are at any stage of a separation or divorce. This individualized service empowers and engages co-parents to receive the guidance and support they need to work together in the business of raising happy and healthy children. Parents involved in the co-parent coaching services will be offered an assessment to individualize such sessions. Major topics covered and coached: common pitfalls after initial separation, family routines, differing parenting styles, child developmental needs, communication protocols that work, establishing quarterly meetings to address decision making, finances, extracurricular activities, academic progress, and other issues that will likely reoccur for two home families. Please email Jackie for more information regarding pricing and availability. 

Recent Testimonials

Good morning Jackie,

I just wanted to thank you again for all your help and effort yesterday. It was an incredibly challenging experience for me that I went into with a lot of stress and nerves. I felt very comfortable and confident in you as it progressed and I can’t thank you enough for that little peace of mind. I am positive it could have been a lot worse without your efforts. I hope we can get through this, but if mediation needs to happen again, I know who I will call!

Good morning,

I’ve been thinking about our last zoom together and my overwhelming feeling is that Fridays conversation with the three of us what is the type of conversation we really needed.


I could be long-winded and specific about what went well and what I appreciated being able to look at together. I also understand there were some things I could’ve done better.


But for today, I’m just saying thank you. Thank you for your expert facilitation.


Have a good day,

- Mediation/PCDM Clients 

Mediation is an informal and flexible dispute resolution process. The mediator's role is to guide the parties toward their own resolution. Through joint sessions and separate caucuses with parties, the mediator helps both sides define the issues clearly, understand each other's position, and move closer to resolution.

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